Curing Cancer

Cancer is another problem in our world even if our body is perfectly well equipped to heal it self. Well, sometimes when our diet is based on a “garbage” food than we need some help but the nature surrounding us or what has left of it, provides (I believe) all what we need to cure our bodies, even the cancer.

Why most of medics are refusing to use those natural remedies? Why healthy diet is not the first point of call for them and why they (some/most of them?) ignore vitamins?
Do we have and did we have for centuries the cure for a cancer in the reach of our hands? I think so but you may have different view and opinion. It is your right, right? Right? 🙂
(Not everywhere in the world you are allowed to have you one) Can you have it in States? I’m not so sure about it, are you?

OK, I’m not a medic or healer and those are only my thoughts and believes and you can ignore them but sill, one thing we should remember – pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of $ and medics are more interested in keeping you ill to be able to feed you with drugs forever.
However, there IS an exception to it – the emergencies and surgeries which are putting you “together” after accidents. I bow deep to their feet in this respect.

Here is an eye-opening video series:


Did you like it?
Below is a documentary about Gerson method, diet curing cancer and many other illnesses. This is now a well known method but still forbidden in the USA. The clinics are in Mexico and some Eastern European countries. I hope that new will arrive and more people will be given another chance and new life.
Don’t worry about Polish title and subtitles, all is spoken in English.


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